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In my time as a sim racer, I've been able to secure some sponsorships and partnerships.  These companies/individuals recognize that the sim racing market is growing at an exponential rate! I truly value the people that believe in what I do, so I wanted to make sure I had a page that showed my appreciation. I am always looking for more sponsorships/partnerships. Please don't hesitate to reach out. 

As a sponsor of myself, one of my racing leagues, or my team, you get more than just a quick blurb on this website. Your logo will be on each and every car I race. I race in multiple leagues (not just my own), as well as that official races put on by Sony and Microsoft.  Your logo will also be present on multiple pages of this website. Each one of your logos will have a link that goes directly to your website, facebook, instagram, or wherever you'd like it to link to. 

As I mentioned before, I'm always looking for more sponsorships/partnerships. If you have any interest, please don't hesitate to reach out to me by clicking here, or by clicking the "Contact Sweaty_Palms54" button that is on each page. Thanks for stopping by!


My first sponsor. As you probably have figured out by now, this profile is hosted on Billy's Niche. 

Billy's Niche sells tons of great products at great prices. Shipping is always free too!

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Mid Level Drone 4K 1.png
Guardians 1_edited.png
Tactical Flashlight 2.png
Pro 5 6.jpg
Backpack 6_edited.png
Book Of Boba Fett Set Edited.png
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I was awarded a sponsorship from GTR Simulator due to winning a highly competitive racing series. The series consisted of many drivers all using the Gr.2 cars in Gran Turismo 7. I'm not only sponsored by GTR Simulator, but I also use their Pro Driving Rig. It's the ultimate in sim racing driving rigs. GTR Simulator sells several variations of driving rigs. From basic "beginner" rigs, all the way up to full motion rigs.

GTR Sim Pro Rig.jpg
GTR GTA F Rig.jpg
GTR Basic Rig.jpg
GTR S Rig.png

IMB Racewear is one of our newest partners. More specifically, it's the partner of my racing team, Fly Fox Racing. We are a fairly newly formed team, so it's great to already have our first partner. IMB sells quality sim racing wear and apparel. Be sure to check them out. They're currently working on some custom apparel for our racing team.

IMB Hoodie.png
IMB Jersey.png
IMB Boots.png
IMB Long Gloves.png
IMB Short Gloves.png

Welcome to Ekster. If you're looking for high quality wallets and bags, Ekster is your place! Their wallets are perfect if you're looking to get rid of the bulk of a regular wallet. These wallets are perfect for the minimalist in you. Plus, they offer optional smart technologies for their products. Check them out, you won't be sorry.

Ekster Logo.png
Sweaty Palms Ekster Wallet
Sweaty Palms Ekster Bag
Sweaty Palms Ekster Wallet
Sweaty Palms Ekster Iphone Case
Sweaty Palms Ekster Key Case
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