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Bio: Husband, father, sim racer. I have been playing racing games for as long as I can remember.


It all started back on the original Playstation system with the original Gran Turismo. Friends and I would sit around for hours running the drag races that were in the original game. Our goal was to create a 10 second Honda. Keep in mind that this was in 1997. A 10-second Honda was a really big deal back then. I'm happy to say that we were successful.


My passion for sim racing continued off and on until Gran Turismo 5 came out on Playstation 3. I was once again hooked! I began racing on a nightly basis. I started running with a really good group of competitive racers in an "exotics" league. This league consisted of Ferrari's, Audi's, Lotus, Porsche, Lamborghini and more. This was the first organized league I had ever been a part of. Ten races later, I had secured my first championship! This got me to thinking....maybe I should start running my own leagues. So I did. 

The first organized league I created was called an FF Series. This league allowed only Front Engine, Front Wheel Drive (FF) cars to compete in it. A lot of the same guys took part in this league as well as several newcomers. The league was so successful that it ran for 3 seasons. The lobbies were full in almost every race.

I also ran a very successful Super GT series. This was based on the Japanese Super GT series in real life. Once again, this league had 3 successful seasons and attracted lots of new drivers.

(I'm in the dark grey Honda Integra (RSX)


Fast forward to 2022. The arrival of the Playstation 5 and Gran Turismo 7. It had been a long time since I'd sat behind a sim wheel. In fact, I no longer even owned a wheel or driving rig. Playing sim racing games on a controller just isn't acceptable to me. I purchased a Playseat Challenge driving rig and Logitech G923 racing wheel/pedal set. I had originally planned on playing GT7 only on the weekends. That lasted only 2 weeks. I was once again hooked! I blew through the entire campaign in only a few days. Then I started working on all of the license tests. After that, I moved on to the circuit experiences for every track. I'm happy to say that I have achieved gold and 1st place on every single event available. After that, it was time to rejuvenate my passion for league racing and running my own league. I once again started with setting up an FF Series. From there, I moved on to running a series I called the Regions Cup. This series used several different classes of cars from the game. The catch was, you had to choose a region to represent at the start of the season. You had to choose each car for each race from your selected region. The most recent series I ran was called the Career Series. This is one of the best series, in my opinion, that I've ever run. The premise is that you basically progress through a "virtual" career on your path to greatness. The series started with you in a Go Kart and ended with you driving a Super Formula car. In the middle, there was a variation of classes from street cars all the way up to Gr. 1 cars.

When I wasn't running my own league, I found myself participating in many other leagues. I found myself participating in 4 leagues at a time. This doesn't include Sport races or national events like the Manufacturers Cup or Nations Cup. 

Gran Turismo 7 has become an every night event for me.

I have won several different leagues so far on Gran Turismo 7. Thanks to the success I've had, I have joined a race team, won multiple leagues, and even achieved some sponsorships.

Hoping for more success in this game as well as the new Forza when it releases next year.

Original Gran Turismo
Sweaty Palms AM World Champion
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