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  5. Send Friend Request on Playstation to: Sweaty_Palms54

  6. Enjoy.

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Individual Points Champion

Grand Champion Podium

(Individual Points + Region Points)

This series has concluded. Thanks for a great season!


Regions Cup GT7 Series: Season 1


This series will last for 10 races; 1 per week.

Each race will be held at 9:30pm Eastern on Fridays. 

​Each race should last about 45-60 minutes.

The lobby will open at 8:30pm Eastern and racing will begin at 9:30pm sharp!

This series will revolve around the regions that are available in GT7.

You pick one of the 3 regions to represent you (America, Europe, Asia-Pacific) at the start of the season or at whatever point you decide to join the series. You must stick with your chosen region for the duration of the series.

Each race will feature a different “class” of cars, (ie Gr3, Gr4, #RoadCar, #Vision Car, FF, FR, MR, etc etc.) as well as various tire and PP limits.

You choose your car from your chosen region and from the appropriate class listed for that specific race. 


Series Requirements:

  • Car Type Will Change Weekly - See Each Individual Race Description Below

  • Here is a great resource for helping you find a car: - You must confirm you car selection from the list below.

  • You may NOT use the same car 2 weeks in a row. This shouldn't be a problem as the car classes will change weekly.

  • PP - Will vary depending on each race - See Each Individual Race Description Below

  • Tires - Will vary depending on each race - See Each Individual Race Description Below

  • Assists - All assists (except auto-drive) will be allowed. I know that some people don’t like this, and that’s OK. Nobody will be required to use any assists. If you want to use them, go for it. If not, that’s OK too. No traction control allowed on the 1 dirt race in week 2.


Room Settings:

  • Room Mode - Practice/Race

  • Room Privacy - Friends Only (You will need to send me a friend request prior to racing) PSN: eciracing

  • Room Name - Regions Race Series - Race #(whatever race number it is)

  • Type - Race For Real

  • Participants - 16; Alternates are welcome

  • Track - Will vary each week (see schedule below)

  • Laps - Will vary depending on which track (see schedule below)

  • Weather - Clear (No Rain)

  • Time - Will start at evening with 30x


Race Settings:

  • Start Type - Rolling Start

  • Grid Order - Fastest First (Will Be Determined By Lap Times During Practice)

  • BOP - Off (Except for Gr.1 and Gr.3 races)

  • Tuning - No Limit (Except for Gr.1 and Gr.3 races)

  • Boost - None

  • Slipstream - Real

  • Visible Damage - On

  • Mechanical Damage - Off

  • Tire Wear - 4x

  • Fuel Consumption - 4x

  • Initial Fuel - Default

  • Grip Reduction Off Track - Real

  • Race Finish Delay - 180 seconds

  • Nitro/Overtake - Default

  • NOS - Cannot Be Installed


Penalty Settings:

  • Shortcut Penalty - Weak

  • Wall Collision Penalty - Off

  • Correct Vehicle Course - Off

  • Car Collision - Off (Unless It Gets Abused)

  • Pit Lane Line Cut - Off

  • Ghosting - Off

  • Flag Rules - On


Points System:

  • First Place - 10 Points

  • Second Place - 9 Points

  • Third Place - 8 Points

  • Fourth Place - 7 Points

  • Fifth Place - 6 Points

  • Sixth Place - 5 Points

  • Seventh Place - 4 Points

  • Eighth Place - 3 Points

  • Ninth Place - 2 Points

  • Tenth Place - 2 Points

  • Eleventh Place and Below - 1 Point


  • Top Qualifier/Pole Position - 1 Bonus Point (Bonus points awarded no more than 3 times per driver for the duration of the series).*

*If a driver has achieved the maximum 3 bonus points for being the top qualifier three times and wins top qualifier for a 4th time (or more), no bonus points will be awarded for any driver for that race.

  • ​If you get disconnected at any time during the race, you will receive 0 points.

  • If multiple people get disconnected shortly after the start of the race, we will attempt 1 restart once a disconnected driver re-enters the room.

  • If you have to leave the race for any reason. Ran out of gas, have to use the restroom, or whatever; it will be counted as a disconnect and you will receive 0 points. You are strongly encouraged to remain in the race to gain even a few points.

Regions Bonus Points System

This series will incorporate a region's bonus points system. Here’s how it works:

Regions points will be awarded based on the position you and other drivers of your region finish. If there are multiple drivers representing the same region, the total number of region points will be added together and then divided by the number of drivers representing that region. 

Here’s an example:

3 drivers are representing the Asia-Pacific region. Those 3 drivers finish 1st, 5th, and 6th. Using the points scale below, we can see that the driver who finished 1st earned 10 region points, the driver who finished 5th earned 6 region points, and the driver who finished 6th earned 5 region points. Add those points together and we get 21 points total.  Since there were 3 drivers representing the Asia-Pacific region, we divide the 21 total points by 3. This means that 7 points would be added to the Region Points Standings. If the average regions points equals a number with a decimal (ie 5.5), it will be rounded up. In this case, the 5.5 would be 6. If it was 5.4, it would be 5.

At the end of the season, the region points will be added to each individual driver's points standings.


At the end of the season, we will have 2 champions.

  • Individual Champion (Based On Individual Race Points)

  • Grand Champion (Based On Individual Race Points + Region Points)

  • First Place - 10 Points

  • Second Place - 9 Points

  • Third Place - 8 Points

  • Fourth Place - 7 Points

  • Fifth Place - 6 Points

  • Sixth Place - 5 Points

  • Seventh Place - 4 Points

  • Eighth Place - 3 Points

  • Ninth Place - 2 Points

  • Tenth Place - 2 Points

  • Eleventh Place and Below - 1 Point

 **Tie-Breaker Scenario - In the event of a tie, race wins will determine the tie-breaker. If still tied, TQ's will determine the winner.**

Track List (Schedule) / Regulations - **Click on the class for each race to see the list of available cars for that class**

  1. Date 07/01/2022 | Track: Daytona Superspeedway (Tri-Oval) | Class: Gr.3 | Laps: 70 | PP: BoP - No Tuning | Tires: Racing (Hard, Medium, Soft)

  2. Date 07/08/2022 | Track: Fishermans Ranch | Class: #PickupTruck | Laps: 16 | PP: 525 | Tires: Dirt - NO TRACTION CONROL FOR THIS RACE

  3. Date 07/15/2022 | Track: Watkins Glen - Large | Class: FF #RoadCar | Laps: 28 | PP: 550 | Tires: Sport (Hard, Medium, Soft)

  4. Date 07/22/2022 | Track: Alsace Village | Class: #SafetyCar | Laps: 28 | PP: 650 | Tires: Racing (Hard, Medium, Soft)

  5. Date 07/29/2022 | Track: Trial Mountain | Class: FR #RoadCar | Laps: 27 | PP: 600 | Tires: Sport (Hard, Medium, Soft)

  6. Date 08/05/2022 | Track: Autopolis International Racing Course | Class: #VisionGT | Laps: 30 | PP: 700 | Tires: Racing (Hard, Medium, Soft)

  7. Date 08/12/2022 | Track: Autodromo Nazionale Monza | Class: MR #RoadCar | Laps: 30 | PP: 650 | Tires: Sport (Hard, Medium, Soft)

  8. Date 08/19/2022 | Track: Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps | Class: Special | Laps: 23 | PP: 650 | Tires: Racing (Hard, Medium, Soft)

  9. Date 08/26/2022 | Track: Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca | Class: 4WD #RoadCar | Laps: 35 | PP: 650 | Tires: Racing (Hard, Medium, Soft)

  10. Date 09/02/2022 | Track: Circuit de la Sarthe | Class: Gr.1 | Laps: 18 | PP: BoP - No Tuning | Tires: Racing (Hard, Medium, Soft)


  1. PSN: eciracing - GT: Sweaty Palms - Region: Asia-Pacific

  2. PSN: mikelowery1911 - GT: Toast 13 - Region: Asia-Pacific

  3. PSN: ridgeraider77 - GT: Smokem Holt - Region: America

  4. PSN: trafficante - GT: JW Elite - Region: Europe

  5. PSN: JBrownPS - GT: JBrownPS - Region: Asia-Pacific

  6. PSN: Tang-the-drink - GT: Tang - Region: Asia-Pacific

  7. PSN: Keep_On_Swimming - GT: Matt - Region: Asia-Pacific

  8. PSN: Jstewart14114 - GT: Stewart - Region: Asia-Pacific

  9. PSN: METHOD13JR - GT: METHOD13JR - Region: Europe

  10. PSN: Slipperboi - GT: Clownbaby - Regions: America

  11. PSN: OldPhreek - GT: OldPhreek - Region: Asia-Pacific

  12. PSN: SoonerMan6879 - GT: C. Turner - Region: Europe

  13. PSN: DjAlln - GT: DJ All - Region: America

  14. PSN: Beafy-vitamin - GT: Slizzz - Region: America

  15. PSN: Mac_ovo - GT: Mac_ovo - Region: Europe

  16. PSN: Damy808 - GT: Damy808 - Region: Asia-Pacific


  1. PSN:

**If your name is highlighted, you still need to friend request eciracing on PSN**


Register Now

If you don't see your name on the list of participants, please use this form to register for the Regions Cup Series Season 1 on GT7. 

Last Step: You MUST send a friend request on PSN to eciracing

Click Here to join the Discord Server

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