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This series has concluded

Thanks for a great season!









Series Details:

This series will revolve around a virtual “career path."

You’ll start off your career driving one of the Gran Turismo Go Karts.  You’ll finish your career driving a Formula 1 car. You’ll drive various other levels of cars along the way.

Each race will feature a different “class” of cars, (ie Go Kart, Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, #RoadCar, FF, FR, MR, etc etc.)

All races will be BoP with NO TUNING. 

You choose your car from the appropriate class listed for that specific race. 

This series will last for 10 races; 1 per week.

​Each race should last about 45-60 minutes.

The lobby will open at 8:30pm ET for practice. Qualifying will begin at 9:30pm sharp!

At 9:30pm, I will reset the track and qualifying will begin. Qualifying will last for 15 minutes.

At the end of the 15 minute qualifying period, I will give everyone 2 minutes to make any tire changes that may be needed.

After that, the race begins!

To make things more realistic, weather will be set to random and damage will be set to light.

Keep your eyes open for various bonus point opportunities as we progress through the series.

Series Requirements:

  • Car Type - Will Change Weekly. See each individual race description in the schedule below.

  • PP - All races will be BoP with NO TUNING (Except Finale). - I set it this way to make it easy for people just to jump in and have fun without having to spend hours tuning and perfecting their car of choice. 

  • Tires - Will vary depending on each race. See each individual race description in the schedule below.

  • MAKE SURE YOU BRING RAIN TIRES TO EVERY RACE - You never know when the skies may open up! 

  • Assists - All assists (except auto-drive) will be allowed. 

  • Headset - A headset is not required, but it is STRONGLY recommended! We will utilize the party chat feature on PSN to keep everyone informed during the race, as well as just getting to know your fellow driver.


Room Settings:


Race Settings:

  • Start Type - Grid (subject to change depending on lag issues at race start)

  • Grid Order - Slowest First (will be determined by lap times during qualifying)

  • BOP - On. No Tuning. 

  • Boost - None

  • Slipstream - Real

  • Visible Damage - On

  • Mechanical Damage - Light

  • Tire Wear - 4x (Unless otherwise noted in the individual race description)

  • Fuel Consumption - 4x (Unless otherwise noted in the individual race description)

  • Initial Fuel - Default

  • Grip Reduction Off Track - Real

  • Race Finish Delay - 180 seconds

  • Nitro/Overtake - Default

  • NOS - Cannot Be Installed

  • Refueling Speed - 6L/sec


Penalty Settings:

  • Shortcut Penalty - Weak

  • Wall Collision Penalty - None

  • Correct Vehicle Course - Off

  • Car Collision - Off (unless it gets abused)

  • Pit Lane Line Cut - On

  • Ghosting - None

  • Flag Rules - On


Points System:

  • First Place - 20 Points

  • Second Place - 17 Points

  • Third Place - 15 Points

  • Fourth Place - 13 Points

  • Fifth Place - 12 Points

  • Sixth Place - 11 Points

  • Seventh Place - 10 Points

  • Eighth Place - 9 Points

  • Ninth Place - 8 Points

  • Tenth Place - 7 Points

  • Eleventh Place - 6 Points

  • Twelfth Place - 5 Points

  • Thirteenth Place - 4 Points

  • Fourteenth Place - 3 Points

  • Fifteenth Place - 2 Points

  • Sixteenth Place - 1 Point

  • Top Qualifier/Pole Position - 1 Bonus Point

  • Fastest Lap - Who ever achieves the fastest lap of the race will receive 1 bonus point.

  • ​If you get disconnected at any time during the race, you will receive 0 points.

  • If multiple people get disconnected shortly after the start of the race, we will attempt 1 restart once a disconnected driver re-enters the room.

  • If you have to leave the race for any reason. Ran out of gas, have to use the restroom, or whatever; you will receive points for whatever position the game puts you in on the scoreboard at the end of the race. But you must be in the race at the end to be awarded any points.

**Tie-Breaker Scenario - In the event of a points tie, race wins will determine the tie-breaker. If still tied, TQ's will determine the winner.**


Track List (Schedule) / Regulations - **Click on the class for each race to see the list of available cars for that class**

"Let's Get It Started!"

Race #1 | Date: 09/16/2022 | Track: Alsace - Test Course | Class: Go Kart | Laps: 35 | PP: BoP - No Tuning | Tires: N/A 

There will be no tire wear or fuel consumption on this race. No pit stops either.

"Moving On Up"

Race #2 | Date: 09/23/2022 | Track: Tsukuba Circuit | Class: Abarth 500 ‘09 | Laps: 46 | PP: BoP - No Tuning | Tires: Sport (Soft, Medium, Hard)


"Chasing Greatness"

Race #3 | Date: 09/30/2022 | Track: Nurburgring Nordschleife | Class: Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition (FK8) '20 | Laps: 8 |

PP:BoP - No Tuning | Tires: Racing (Soft, Medium, Hard)

For this race, tire wear will be x0 and fuel consumption will be at 2x.

**Bonus Point Opportunity** - Beat the real-life record set by the Civic Type R and receive 1 bonus point. Record Time: 07:43.8 - You must send me a screenshot confirming you beat the record.

"Rear Wheel Drive??"

Race #4 | Date: 10/07/2022 | Track: Weather Tech Raceway Laguna Seca | Class: Honda S2000, Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86 | Laps: 34 |

PP: BoP - No Tuning | Tires: Racing (Soft, Medium, Hard)

"A Real Live Race Car!"

Race #5 | Date: 10/14/2022| Track: Sardegna Road Track | Class: Gr.4 | Laps: 30 | PP: BoP - No Tuning | Tires: Racing (Soft, Medium, Hard)

"OK. Things Are Moving Faster"

Race #6 | Date: 10/21/2022 | Track: Autodrome Lago Maggiore - Full| Class: Gr.3 | Laps: 28 | PP: BoP - No Tuning |

Tires: Racing (Soft, Medium, Hard)

"Things Just Got Real"

Race #7 | Date: 10/28/2022 | Track: Circuit de Barcelona - Catalunya Gran Prix | Class: Gr.2 | Laps: 33 | PP: BoP - No Tuning |

Tires: Racing (Soft, Medium, Hard)

"Round & Round We Go"

Race #8 | Date: 11/04/2022 | Track: Daytona Super Speedway (Tri Oval) | Class: Gr.1 (NO VGT) | Laps: 85 | PP:   BoP - No Tuning |

Tires: Racing (Soft, Medium, Hard)

"Become A Legend"

Race #9 | Date: 11/11/2022 | Track: Circuit de la Sarthe | Class: Gr.1 | Laps: 16 | PP: BoP - No Tuning | Tires: Racing (Soft, Medium, Hard)

**Bonus Point Opportunity** - Beat the real life track record and receive 2 bonus points. Record Time: 3:17.297 - You must send me a screenshot confirming you beat the record.

"We've Been Expecting You"

Race #10 | Date: 11/18/2022 | Track: Circuit De Spa-Francorchamps | Class: Formula 1 | Laps: 29 | Car Settings: 982pp - 639hp - 1455 lbs | Tires: Racing (Soft, Medium, Hard) - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AN "OVERTAKE" BUTTON SET ON YOUR WHEEL/CONTROLLER

**Bonus Point Opportunity** - Beat the real life track record and receive 3 bonus pointS. Record Time: 1:46.286 - You must send me a screenshot confirming you beat the record.

Rain PNG.png

Register Now

If you don't see your name on the list of participants, please use this form to register for the Career Series Season 1 on GT7. 

Last Step: You MUST send a friend request on PSN to eciracing

Click Here to join the Discord Server

Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif

The "Green Hell" had many victims today. Smokem Holt, Sweaty Palms, and JW Elite battled back and forth for the entire race. At the end of the day, Smokem Holt prevailed!

Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif

Lots of fast street cars on the track tonight. socalj4 and Sweaty Palms were locked into an intense battle for 1st for the last 11 laps. When the checkered flag dropped, it was socalj4 that took the W.

Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif
Sweaty Palms winning Go Kart

It was a lovely warm afternoon for Go Kart racing. There were some slips, some slides, and some fast go karts. In the end, Sweaty Palms pulled out the win in the #54 Kart.

Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif

There was rain in the forecast at Tsukuba, but the skies never opened up. As a result, it was smooth sailing for socalj4. With the reverse grid, socalj4 was able to start out front and never looked back.

Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif

After a little batch of fog rolled through during practice, the green flag dropped with beautiful weather conditions. socalj4 seemed to appreciate the nice weather as he continued his tear towards the top of the standings!


It was agentorunge's inaugural race tonight. The hype was legit as he pulled off a trifecta. Top qualifier, fastest lap, and race winner. Not a bad way to make your presence known.

Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif
Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif

Another race, another win for tomthetech! In fact, he pulled off the win, the top qualifier, AND the fastest lap. Pretty complete race. Fog rolled in late in the race, but it wasn't enough to slow down tomthetech.

Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif

METHOD13JR made his presence known tonight. With speeds of 237+mph, he was able to run a flawless race. After  210 miles of white knuckle racing, METHOD13JR was able to claim his first victory of the season!

Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif

The race started with only 8 points separating the top 3 positions in the standings. This race had 4 different leaders at one point or another. Rain on the final lap made for an intense finish. It was Sweaty Palms that took home the W in this must win race.

Winners CIrcle_edited.png
CHeckered Flag.gif

Season Finale. We started in Karts and we ended in Super Formula's. Was a great season full of competitive racing and great fun! When the dust settled, it was Sweaty Palms that took home the championship.

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